Registry Products

Registry and paper products to serve all faiths.

Hardwood Casket

This is an example of a hardwood casket. Hardwood caskets are available in many wood types; oak, cherry and poplar to name a few.

Theme Casket

This is an example of an Ohio State theme casket. There are many theme caskets available, and many ways to personalize and customize a casket selection. This Ohio State example is not currently available.

Female Steel Casket

This casket has been painted and designed with a female theme. It is opal white on the exterior and light pink on the interior. This is an example of a casket designed for a female.

Steel Casket

This is an example of a steel casket, painted in a masculine theme color combination. Steel caskets may offer the widest selection in todays market.

Copper Casket

Copper and semiprecious metal caskets offer natural strength and beauty.

Outer Enclosure

This is an example of an outer enclosure. This is used at a cemetery for burial, after a casket is placed inside. This "vault" outer enclosure has a painted finish, reinforced concrete and a plastic type liner that fuses with the lid after a sealant is placed between the lid groove and base. There are many outer enclosures to choose from. Cemeteries may require an outer enclosure, to keep the grave from sinking, and allowing easier maintenance for the cemetery grounds.

Marble Finish Urns

This is a sample of an urn. Urns have many functions; utility, beauty, strength, style and design.

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